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STEM “Making in Miniature” – Modeling and 3D Printing Online Class

STEM program – once a week for 4 weeks. 90 minutes online. A max of 6 kids, ages 10 or older.

The workshop class is on 3D modeling and 3D printing. We’ll make designs in Tinkercad, which is free, cloud based software to make 3D models. This short workshop class builds off the lesson plans I created when I taught Tinkercad and 3D printing at the Skokie Library and Highland Park library (back in 2015), and this is a slightly more advanced class for slightly older children.

It’s very fun and you can either follow along with what I’m doing, or make your own design and we’ll support you when you get stuck. Lana is very good at it and has her own hacks and projects she can demonstrate.

For the 3D printing part, we have the printer in the basement and it breaks a lot- which is fine. It’s good to learn how we troubleshoot the machine. We can Zoom broadcast the print setup to people at home. If the social distancing lessens, kids are welcome to learn how to use the printer in the basement – load filament, start the print and pluck it off the plate.  

For the students, we’ll print out the Tinkercad models as well as we can, do a couple prints per day. We’ll also teach the Makerbot software, so they’ll learn how you add “supports” for your model that help it print well. Learn how to design models that print well and even have movable parts. Then I’ll wear gloves, spritz the prints with bleach and can drop them off at your door. They can pluck off their own supports.

One project is to make little models of cities or houses. They can use a Kleenex box for the structure and put their little couches or buildings inside. We can add electricity if we want to get fancy.

I also want to teach the physics of buoyancy, so we’ll design some boats.

So that’s the STEM programming. Starts June 19 – Friday at 1 PM.

June 19, 26, July 10 and 17th.

Contact kathryn71 -at- gmail.com

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