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I’m Sorry I Lied.

Potion: The Cheat Code

Download file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pDcnKhtdT3Tjx3xjecQZnAFpRFp9LGs6/view

The Grove

To move forward, use the arrow keys or WASD.

Step on the carpet and look in the mirror. You are not there. Not yet.

Walk to the tree. This fruit will change you. Do you want it?

You do.

Go back to the mirror. There you are – a skeleton of you. Look back at the tree. Do you want more?

If you want to be more, say yes.

Look back at the mirror. Now you’re more.

You will be teleported to the cabin.

The Cabin

This sign explains what’s going to happen to you.

  • You eat Fruit that makes you human
  • You harvest the crops
  • Charm the bartender into giving you the Necklace Key to the Underworld
  • Go inside the Dollhouse Inside the Dollhouse Inside the Dollhouse to get Catalyst
  • distill it with Berries
  • steal Bottle from the red room
  • bottle the potion
  • get your Ticket to the Ocean
  • become one with the others
  • walk on water
  • and get to the mountain.

That’s all you have to do.

Once you bottle the potion, you get your final Ticket to the Ocean. Once you’re at Beach, you can cross the waves and get to Mountain.

There, someday, you will climb the mountain, find a friend, fly on a magic carpet and paint the sky.

But for now you have to find the basis of the potion – the berries.

NOTE: Do not fall off the world! Right now (WIP) you can fall off the world at any time and then you have to start over. So be careful.

The Cabin

Who are you? Are you a snake charmer? A thief? Gardener or alchemist?

Pick Thief, click the book with the bandit mask. Maybe you can just steal what you need so you don’t have to do all that work. Maybe Thief is a shortcut.

Thief at the Crossroads

Note: Jump by pressing the space bar. Thief spawns at the crossroads. One path leads to the garden, one path leads to the bar.

What is not said in the sign is that Thief must go through two things to become real: Thief must get lost in the desert and they must get robbed.

The crossroads looks like this from above. 

Try to get into the bar. You click on the billboard

You click on the billboard to enter, but it tells you the price of admission is the berries – the main ingredient of the potion.

So try the garden. Since there is an invisible fence, you have to go back to where you started, then head down the garden path. When you click on the billboard [WIP: you have to get close to the billboard to click it] you will be transported to the garden.

Get closer to the billboard and click on it to teleport to the garden.

Thief in the Garden

In the garden, you can pick Berries from the tree and put them in the basket. When the basket is full, you can go through the door and try to get into the bar with your basket.

Wait. Your berries aren’t right. They’re not matured into the ball of 4 colors, like in the diagram.

Dammit, don’t bother. Total waste of time. Those are Seeds from the tree, not the berries. They won’t let you into the bar.

This has all been a lie. You only robbed yourself.

But you did the two things Thief needed to do to become real: get lost in the desert and get robbed.

So for now, just bail. Hit the sign that says “Going Nowhere? Try being someone else.”

And go back to the cabin, pick the gardener and do the work. If there is a shortcut through this game, you didn’t find it.

I’m sorry.

The Gardener in the Garden

If you haven’t picked the seeds from the tree, do it now. [WIP: this is glitchy. You have to click the seed, have it disappear, then click the basket to have it re-appear there. If it doesn’t appear, keep clicking. Click the top of the basket. Take a couple steps around and try a different angle. Once you find the right angle, you can click and harvest without moving. Make sure no seeds remain on the tree]

Thief is slumped in the corner of Garden. Lost.

When your basket is full, then plant the crops into the plot. [WIP: This is the glitchiest part of the game. If you can’t plan the crops, click the area of the basket circled in red.]  You can put any seed into any Plot spot.

And please, dear God, be careful not to fall off the earth. You’d have to start all over. If you do, don’t bother being Thief.

I’m sorry again that I lied to you.

Once the crops are planted, the sky will get dark and the sun will set. Just wait. The sun will rise again.

Keep waiting.

Like the sign says, the path of Gardener is the path of patience.

Eventually your seeds become Berries and pop out of their hulls. [WIP: Click the part of the basket circled in red]

Harvest them into the basket one more time. I know it’s a lot of work. This is why everyone wants to be Thief.  But this is your job. There is no other way through.

I mean. Maybe there is. But not for you. Not now.

Get your ticket to the ocean. Your work is done and now you’re free. You’ll be transported back to Cabin you can go back to Garden as Thief. Click the Bandit book.

The Final Path of Thief

At the crossroads, go to the Garden and click the billboard [go close]. Then when you’re back in Garden, click the basket. There are your 4-colored berries for Potion.

Click the door to go back to Crossroads. Now that you have Berries, they will let you in when you click on the Bar billboard.

Teleport to the Bar. Deliver the berries. Get your ticket to the ocean. You don’t have to steal anymore. You are free.

Choose Charm’s Book

Charm at the Bar

Click the ouroboros.

This is the bar. You click Drink Button and Cocktail appears. The first one is pretty straightforward.  Click (drink) Cocktail and two Berry wedges will stay on the table.

If you step on the circular rug, a secret panel will slide away and reveal the portal to Underground City. See the shape of the key. A necklace with 4 spheres? Each sphere is 4 wedges. So you’ll have to keep ordering drinks and collecting wedges.

But every time you order a drink, things get more complicated. You’ll understand soon enough. Try to click the button, even though it’s moving around, and try to see what you’re doing as the mental fog rolls in.  If the room starts to spin after your fourth drink, just follow the walls as they revolve.

I repeat, no one is making you do this. You can click Going Nowhere? and go be Alchemist and come back to Bar later.

When you’ve collected 16 wedges, they float upwards and configure themselves into the key.

Put the key into the lock by stepping up to it. You may now jump through the portal to Underground City and appear in Distillery.

Charm in the Distillery

Charm enters the distillery with the key necklace of Potion Berries.

Potion is 2 ingredients:  Berries and  Catalyst. Take Berries to Still (yellow tank) and jump up and in so the necklace touches the Still. The necklace will disappear.

You are stuck. You have to wait for Alchemist. For the Catalyst.

Since you’re going nowhere, why don’t you try being someone else.

Alchemist in the Distillery

Welcome to Distillery.

As mentioned, you need 2 things to distill Potion: Berries are in the Still already and now you need Tiny Bottle that Holds 1 Drop of Catalyst.  Catalyst is so small you have to become miniature to acquire it.  Climb into the dollhouse. In the room farthest left, there is a hole in the ceiling. Click the spacebar to jump.

Stand directly under the hole in the ceiling, and press the right arrow key while you’re airborne.

Make your way to the second floor, then find the hole in the ceiling for the 3rd floor. Jump to it. Then you’ll find Dollhouse Inside Dollhouse. Click it, shrink down to its size, and climb to the 3rd floor again.

Then do it all again in Dollhouse Inside Dollhouse Inside Dollhouse

In the attic of the yellow house (Dollhouse Inside Dollhouse Inside Dollhouse) collect Catalyst by clicking on it.

With Tiny Bottle that Holds 1 Drop of Catalyst in front of you (in picture above) jump up and down, throwing yourself into Distillery.

Charm and the Red Room

After Alchemist gets a ticket to the ocean, all the avatars have left the cabin. The only book that remains is Charm. Click it and return to the distillery.

The Potion is ready, and just needs to be bottled. Go through the doorway, into the Red Room

 A painting of Charm’s grandmother hides the safe that holds the bottle. Step on the carpet to reveal.

With the Potion Bottle in front of you, and back in the Distillery, stand under the yellow Still and jump .  You earn the final ticket to the ocean.

The Beach

You meet on the beach. All of you. Charm, Gardner, Alchemist and Thief. You stand together and become one. Because you have always been one. That’s why when you stole the crops, you only robbed yourself. And the reason Thief is always the victim of theft is because we lose a piece of ourselves when we harm others.

But that is the past. And now we are all one Earth Marble Figure that must cross the ocean.

To cross the ocean, just move forward. Jump from wave to wave if you want to go faster, but eventually the edges of the waves become level and you can walk to the next wave.

You reach the island with the mountain.

Climb Mountain Island by jumping (space bar) up each step until you reach the mountain.

You head toward Mountain, but something seems very wrong.

As you approach, the mountain begins to appear flat, like a picture of a mountain. A cardboard cutout.

This is not the mountain.

I told you I was sorry.

I told you that you would

  • climb the mountain
  • find a friend
  • ride on a magic carpet
  • and paint the sky

Yet here you are with the world slowly fading out and an overwhelming feeling of disappointment.

This is just level one. There will be a level 2 someday. We will build it together. I have better mountains, a magnificent flying carpet and a stolen piece of literature for the next scene. But it takes more to get there than a few mouse clicks. It will be worth the work to find out. We unleash Beast in Level 2 and try to keep it from destroying us.

This level was not for naught. We found the Hero.

We found you.