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Homeschooling: Micronations (Project 1: Official Seal)

Kathy Ceceri wrote an incredible book in 2014 called “Micronations”. I reached out to her about homeschooling with her book, and in the process I discovered a part of her website is dedicated to “Emergency Homeschooling” for people who are suddenly thrown into the world of homeschooling.

This post focuses on a book that can serve as a ready-made curriculum that can take a few weeks to complete – there are 25 projects. The book can be simplified for kids in 2-3 grade, or make a more advanced version for kids through junior high. This could easily be adapted into a discussion-based curriculum for high school students.

The book asks, “If you were going to start your own nation, from scratch, how would you design it? How would your government run? What would your laws be? I’m doing a COVID-19 version of this with my 12-year old, so we are adapting it to “if your household was a nation, a kingdom, an imaginary country, how would we run it?” (which is kind of what’s happening with this isolation many families are in. Our homes have become our micro-universe)

On a personal note, as we started this exercise, it got my daughter to open up about some of the anxieties this crisis is causing. She immediately named our nation: Foodtopia, and we talked about our anxieties about the food supply. So we’ll be focusing a lot of this curriculum on thinking about food organization and distribution. I’ll talk more about that in future posts, but this book is a good discussion starting point about why countries are making the decisions they are right now.

Back to the book:

(First, thank you to Kathy Ceceri and Nomad Press for letting me be a little loosey goosey on copyright during the crisis and letting me post more than a handful of pictures from the book. The exercises just aren’t the same without the context the text provides. I can take these posts down or zap photos when the crisis ends, too. Hopefully they’ll also forgive me for the sloppy red URL I added 🙂

These are the pages that lead up to the “Make an Official Seal of Your Country”
Kathy has her stamp project here: https://www.kathyceceri.com/blog/micronation-seal

So here was our information, with our nation’s boundary, which in our case is our house and yard.

Name: Foodtopia
Animal: Our dog, Penny. (I voted for squirrels)

Tree: The Stinky Pear Tree (it’s a Bradford Pear Tree that smells like poo). (Use a “tree finder” app or website to identify a nearby tree, if you don’t know what it is.)

What is our motto? We’re a country going through a crisis. What is our message about our nation? What is our message to others? 
Motto: “Don’t hoard toilet paper

Colors:  Lavender, pink, green, brown, and white
Shape: Diamond
National landmark: gopher hole in the backyard
Famous building: garage (I voted for the swingset, but she has the veto vote)

We looked at State Seals online for inspiration

And she came up with this!

I was speechless. She said “the green air around the tree symbolizes the poo smell.”

Tomorrow we will go on to Chapter 2. The Flag.
I will also reach out to the publisher to see if I can get a bulk discount on digital copies of the book. I also plan on buying some copies in bulk to give away to families on a tight budget right now. If you’d like a copy of the book, please let me know at kathrynborninc – at – gmail dot com. The book is also available on Amazon.

Happy homeschooling!