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Game Design

I have been both creating a video game and leading game-writing workshops. Creative writing workshops are an established tradition, but game writing workshops barely exist.

Below are some game design highlights of my 3D point-and-click adventure game, sample from Unity 3D game design workshop, and narrative design classes for virtual reality.

Video Game: Potion
3D point-and-click adventure created in Unity 3D. Playable on PC.

Available for free to play on Itch.io – https://kathryn007.itch.io/potion

To read as a story: “Sorry I Lied. Cheat code for Potion” https://kathrynborn.com/potion-the-cheat-code/

Game Design for Virtual Reality

Designing games for virtual reality requires the creation of a new type of game. Workshops contained lessons that included considerations of movement and player comfort, along with simplifying the coding and interaction design by providing a sample game on GitHub.

Narrative Design

paper board game exercise
Pencil and Paper! Heroes, obstacles, storytelling and game mechanics are the critical elements that are best designed on paper. Removing the technical challenges allows students to focus on the creative challenges.

Wind-up Robot Competitions

Sample of parts to assemble for micro-Hebocon robot
Players must improvise and quickly build a miniature, crappy robot to battle another crappy robot in a 4-second sumo battle.

Visual Programming

Using the classic Space Invaders game mechanic as a framework, students can create their own flavor of a 2-D defense game.