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Writing, Publishing and Art


The Essential New Art Examiner is an anthology of the Chicago visual art magazine, The New Art Examiner, which was published between 1972 and 2002. Northern Illinois University Press.

The Blue Kind received the Midwest Independent Publishers award in the category of dystopian/science fiction category. Northern Illinois University Press (Switchgrass Books).

Publications: Chicago Art Magazine

Chicago Art Magazine (homepage screenshot)
Chicago Art Magazine was founded in 2009 and for three years it was the most widely read online publication about visual art in Chicago. It was accompanied by the Chicago Art Map (software) and we ventured into writing about film and art collecting.

In 2014, we successfully crowdfunded support for the archive, which helped the site stay online for over 10 years. In 2020, the site had a fatal malware attack and could not be restored.

TINC Magazine and the Chicago Startup Catalog (software) detailed the technology seed-stage ecosystem in Chicago.

Invisible Cities: The Illegal Adaptation

Interactive Fiction (30 minute reading limit) – https://kathryn007.itch.io/invisible-cities

Portfolio of feature articles and corporate blogging: https://kathrynborn.contently.com/