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Instructional Design

I began my instructional design career by creating an afterschool computer science program for kids on the autism spectrum. Years later, I had transitioned to helping surgeons teach other surgeons how to do surgery – online.

Below are some instructional design highlights that also include STEM programming for girls, advanced manufacturing, live virtual reality workshops, and hackerspace online training.

Continuing Medical Education

Screenshot: Patient Safety: Unintended Perioperative Hypothermia

Created CME courses for surgeons. Modules ranged from click-through Storyline courses, to long-form, multi-level university courses. Content included both pre-recorded lectures, live webinars and surgical video.

STEM curricula for Children (age 7 to 17)

Created over 50 specialized STEM lessons. Barbie Shoe Challenge (pictured above) focused on Engineering in a curriculum entitled Doll STEM. Other topics and software tools included: wind-up robotics, MIT Scratch, Tinkercad, Inkscape, Minecraft, and Unity 3D.

Hackerspace Online Authorization
Converting live training of advanced manufacturing tools into an online format. Worked with multiple SME’s to reinforce both technical and safety training and create courses in Canvas (Instructure).