• Lockpicking
  • Codes and ciphers
  • Building gadgets
  • Creating fake currency
  • Passing messages
  • Map navigation
  • Doing gymnastics to avoid laser beams
  • Taking objects without others noticing
  • Designing secret compartments in 3d printed objects
  • Hacking
  • Getting information out of people/figuring out who is lying
  • Disguises
  • Develop zombie apocalypse antidotes
  • Avoiding a paper trail
  • Escape plan design and execution
  • Create a better government

We Don’t Have to be Careful of Anything: Spy School for Girls

(secret manifesto #1)


“If we do a course that teaches lockpicking to teenage boys with autism, it’s not going to fly ….with anyone.”


Josh: “Minecraft for Girls. You have to be careful of that. You don’t want to make the equivalent of Lego Friends.”

Me: “I don’t have to be careful of anything”


One really liberating thing about working full time and just working on concepts and lesson plans  (without teaching a formal class) is that I don’t have to follow all the rules that accompany looking for funding. Way back, I had a meeting with a crowdfunding site that loved the Barbie Shoe Challenge, but said it couldn’t be negative against Mattel. But the core of The Barbie Shoe Challenge is that it does hate on Mattel. Barbie is atrocious, no matter how much they claim to fix her up, the Barbie movies make my eyes bleed and the Monster High series look like young street prostitutes who are addicted to methamphetamines. So that crowdfunding idea wasn’t going to work, I guess.


Spy School for Girls is the only curricula I’ve done that puts a gender in the title. I’m open to a wide interpretation of what a “Girl” is, as well.  I do this intentionally, as SSFG is my angriest lesson plan to date. As always, I’m making the curricula I wanted for myself as a kido read a map. It makes the stakes feel high.


Spy School for Girls spits in the face of all things holy. It’s gives girls permission to look at the world through a lens of suspicion. Being a spy means being independent. Spies work alone and can’t ask anyone for help. Spies have to think on their feet and calculate a 15% tip while they map out their escape route. Spy School for Girls pretends to be a sweet and cute endeavor when it’s actually something much more savage under the surface. Just like real spies. 

There’s a lot more I could say about Spy School for Girls, except that its a secret.

I will say it’s not a lesson plan as much as it is a world view, a way to coach children on the great mission of making sense of the past, and finding the place where you belong in this world.

Spy School For Girls