Although I’ve been involved in several disciplines and an array of industries, I’ve always been a writer. I’ve been a professional art critic, feature writer and published author. With the advent of content strategy (see Corporate), I’ve often simultaneously done both the content strategy and the actual web writing. Game writing can be found in Games.

My complete art and writing C.V. is here, as of 2014. Highlights are below.


The Essential New Art Examiner is an anthology of the Chicago visual art magazine, “The New Art Examiner”, which was published between 1972 and 2002.
The Blue Kind received the Midwest Independent Publishers award in the category of dystopian/science fiction category













Chicago Art Magazine and “The Machine”

Chicago Art Magazine










I founded Chicago Art Magazine in 2009 and for three years it was the most widely read online publication about visual art in Chicago. It was accompanied by the Chicago Art Map, and we briefly ventured into tech with TINC Magazine and the Startup Catalog software.

I always say that Chicago Art Magazine was my equivalent of getting an MBA. It was wonderful experience, I managed a large team and helped writers and editors jumpstart their careers. In 2014, the problems with the aging website (built in WordPress) became overwhelming … until we did a crowdfunding campaign.  We were touched by the community support and now have a fund to support the archive, which will now undergo an extreme modernization and facelift.