(page about how to win is here. This is what happens when you make the wrong choice )

So now let’s talk about how this all falls apart when you make different choice in Potion. And what Potion is Actually All About.

You choose the Alchemist, who is actually a hacker, who is actually something else, but those are 2 separate levels. Anyway, you choose the character in the hood. That’s pretty inoculus, you’ll go down to the lair, which is inside the barrel and then you’ll go on a hunt for your potion. It’s a pain in the ass and the closest thing to a puzzle that this game has (as you go to a dollhouse inside a dollhouse inside a dollhouse.)

But once you do that, you have to wait. There is, like, a sign that tells you to wait until someone comes with the main component of the potion. So you stay (leave your body, which is just a static fbx file, siting there like a dope) and go to the cabin to become someone else.

Then you choose the thief, because they look like a ninja. And you choose the Bar, which seems fun. But they don’t let you in, they say you need to bring in the crops from the harvest. So you go back to the fork in the road, and go to the garden. There, you see a tree with pods (image). You pick them, putting each one into a basket, and go back to The Bar.

They still don’t let you in. They say the crops aren’t fully grown. You’re kicked to the fork in the road and you’re stuck. You can’t get back into the garden, so you sit at the fork in the road.

Do you want to wait?
Yes, you do. You don’t have a choice.




Back at the cabin, you either choose Charm or the Gardner, largely depending how comfortable you are in an avatar wearing a dress that is associated with an ouroboros. Fine, choose Charm.

Good, because Charm is the lynchpin of this entire game. Charm spawns in a bar. There is a totally awesome drink machine that dispenses drinks. Every time you hit a button, one shoots out. It’s a cute glass with a little spherical wedge which goes into a “yuk plate” when you’re done with the drink.

In the corner of the bar is a giant purple rat. After your first drink, things become slightly blurred.

At your second drink a sign appears explaining that this is a performance art exhibit and the question is if the rat is moving. You can’t tell. You contine to drink and nothing is happening. Signs ask if you give up. You keep saying no as the drink charms pile up, things become more blurred and nothing seems to be happening.

Suddenly the Rat is right next to you with a message about how you need to get the potion to cross the ocean at get to the mountain. It’s what you want. And if you give him your drink charm wedges, he’ll take you there.

You can choose to keep on drinking or have the rat show you the way to get the potion that will get you a ticket to the beach, where you can cross the ocean.  Or you can keep drinking these drinks. You follow the rat.

A diamond in the wallpaper moves to the side. It’s in a low corner, so it’s a hole that goes into darkness. You choose again, you jump in. You are in a tunnel. You are alone. You’ve been robbed.

Do you give up? It’s  a choice you are given.

You do.

You go back to the cabin and the only new character left is the gardner. You go to the garden where you are informed that you’ve been robbed. You go to the crossroads, get your crate of berry pods and bring it back to the Garden. Now you plant each pod, one by one, into the grid. It takes a while.  Then you are told to wait until they change color.

You do. You wait. You get a ticket to the ocean.

Back in the cabin, you can choose the Thief again. Now when the thief spawns in the fork in the road, they can go back to the garden. They harvest the berries from the garden grid. When you teleport to the bar, you are allowed in.

Charm is waiting at the bar.

You get a ticket to the ocean.

You go to the cabin and  choose Charm. They are the only character left. You spawn in the bar with the world hopelessly out of focus with only a few blue and yellow charms in the yuk plate. There is a drink special you must order. You order and drink 3 red charm drinks, one at a time. Those final 3 red charms form a ball. So do the yellow and blue ones. They become a necklace.

A diamond in the wallpaper, a different one, slides to the side. In the space left behind from the tufted diamond surface, it has an imprint almost identical to your necklace and you realize that it’s the key to the underground. This is the right tunnel. The sign says it’s the road to the beach by the ocean where you can cross to the mountain.

You enter the tunnel and teleport to the Alchemist’s lair. Your berries are the missing ingredient they’ve been waiting for. They mix the berries with the catalyst and the potion is ready. All that’s missing is s bottle. Charm goes to the Red Room.

And that’s how the game is still ultimately won if you choose the wrong path. It just takes longer. But you see a lot and learn more along the way when you make the wrong choices, and the game is more interesting because of it.

But you still don’t know what happens when you get to the mountain.


Potion: Things Fall Apart, the Cheat Guide for the Cheat Guide