Notes on the game

This is a VR game concept about compulsive behavior designed to trigger compulsive behavior in the audience, and hopefully encourage some personal exploration.

Once the player taps the tree to get the potion, the non-linear nature of the game play begins. You are mixing potions with the goal of “being someone” and then more potions in order to “become something more”.

There are 5 distinct “someones” you can become, and 15 versions of “becoming something more” – it is up to the player to choose which type of person you strive to be and what you want to become. In each scenario, the survival methods vary. “Survival” is the operative term, as the potion recipes become increasingly treacherous, and although you don’t “die” until the end, setbacks become more severe.

All characters arrive at the same place by the beginning of Act III.  In the final act, again, the player makes choices and these choices dictate how easily they reach the top of the mountain.

Is this game done?
No, it hasn’t even begun.  I’d like to get the first scene (slides 1-7) done in 2015, as it’s a really minimal world.

What’s next?
Get a playable demo of the beginning, then get feedback and keep building. If the game can gather some support and resources, then the game can be built more quickly.


Potion Notes