“Once upon a time
there was a tree
and a mirror

And then ….

there was you.”

You spawn in the grove. You see yourself in the mirror as a stick figure. You drink the fruit and look again. Now you are 3D. You still have no face, but you exist.

Do you want to drink another fruit to see what you become?

You say yes.


You are in a cabin with 4 books, each one with a character. You can pick any of the 4 characters at any time. Each of the 4 characters can go only so far before they get stuck. It’s unlikely a player would pick these characters and do this in the following order, but this is how the game ultimately goes.

The goal of this level is to build a potion, which involves 4 steps. The berries of the potion are planted, harvested, distilled with a catalyst, and bottled. The final potion allows you to walk on water and cross the ocean to get to the mountain.

In the cabin, you choose your character. This is always the place where you change characters. The right order is to start with the gardner, who goes to…

The Garden
Where the gardner picks the fruit off the tree and plants each pod into the garden plot.

The gardner gets a ticket to the beach, and their portion of the game is done.

You go back to the cabin and choose…

The Thief
The Thief spawns at a crossroads. They can choose The Bar or The Garden. If they choose the garden (and the Gardner has already planted the crops) then the thief harvests the crops, puts it in a basket and heads to …

The Bar
The thief drops off the basket at the bar and gets their ticket to the ocean.

Now charm is chosen from the cabin and they spawn at the bar. Charm drinks heavily from the drink machine and watches The Rat do performance art. Each drink has a charm (and as each drink is consumed, the charms accumulate. There are a few wrong paths that can happen at this time.

Along the detour, The Rat appears and shows Charm a sign that explains that they want a ticket to the ocean so they can cross the ocean and get to the mountain.

When Charm ultimately makes all the right choices, drinks all the drinks, and then drinks 3 more happy hour specials, (which are made by the crops from the thief), then all the charms come together and it becomes this necklace.  (picture)

Once Charm has the necklace, a diamond from the wallpaper moves aside to reveal a safe for which their necklace is the key. The key opens the safe, which reveals a tunnel to the underground. Charm takes the tunnel and arrives at …

The Alchemist’s Lair
where Charm waits by the keg.

Back at the Cabin, you choose The Alchemist. Alchemist shrinks down so they can search a dollhouse for a potion. In that dollhouse, they encounter another dollhouse, shrink down and explore it. In the 2nd dollhouse, they find the 3rd and final dollhouse, shrink down and find the drop of brown Catalyst.

Alchemist returns to the lair, mixes the berries of Charms necklace with the catalyst and they tap a large barrel keg. Alchemist gets their ticket to the ocean.

Charm is the only one left. They go to…

The Red Room
Where they release a woman who is trapped in a painting, and in the empty space where she existed, is the empty potion bottle. Charm get the empty bottle goes back to the keg, fills the potion bottle and gets their ticket to the ocean.

At the beach, by the ocean, all the 4 avatars become one. Because as this game goes forward the Hero will always be a combination of a hard working gardner, an impatient thief, a The potion allows you to walk on water and you cross the waves toward a large mountain. This overview does not explain what happens at the mountain,  but the level (which is this demo) ends there.

So how is this a game?

Fair question. It’s more of a story. Unless you have the cheat code, you probably won’t do the game in the right order. The gardener looks pretty boring, so most people will pick the thief. If you choose the thief before the gardner, you’ll take the pods from the tree and essentially rob yourself. If you choose Charm next, you’ll be stuck at the bar waiting for the gardner, etc.



Potion – Game Mechanic Overview (with spoilers)