Micro-Hebocon: Robot Battle at PS1 – Saturday night, October 20

First, what is Hebocon? It’s a “Crappy Robot Battle” where technical skill is a penalty. It’s a small sumo robot battle in which robots should be simple and made from household supplies, when possible.

This video is very funny and explains it perfectly.

So what is Micro-Hebocon?

Micro-Hebocon is a robot built on a specific windup motor – one which provides power to the robot for about 4 seconds. So in those precious few seconds, these very small robots have to try to push a similar robot out of the sumo ring.

This something I came up with while at a Lego robot contest in 2016. I did a Maker Faire version in 2016 that went pretty well. The motors (and keys) are cheap, so I ended up buying about 40. From Here.


This grown-up version entails the following:

All participants pick up a motor at least a couple days in advance of the battle – October 20, 2018.

I have lots of STL files for 3D printing chassis, gears and wheels. However, as I make my own robot to battle…. I’m just sticking on some wheels and some ram-like front armour – whatever it’s called. It’s supremely crappy.

On this web page are zillions of pictures and videos of micro-hebocon robots.

Fusion files here: https://a360.co/2P04tBg
On this photo album are pictures from the kid’s version of this.   And more gears from the drunken adult version.
We’ve done some shopping and will have an Improvised Round. So even if you didn’t make a robot, you can grab a motor, go through the micro-junkpile on the table and make one on the spot. There will be a “secret hardware selection” that everyone can use; like Iron Chef of crappy robot building. 

We will also have a drag race track. 

Pumping Station:One – a Hackerspace

3519 Elston Ave. 
Chicago, IL 
Attendees 21 and over. 
UPDATE 2: It went well!!! Here’s the video!

Micro-Hebocon Robot Battle at PS1 – October 20, 2018 7 PM