At the Maker Faire this weekend, at the Pumping Station One area, we’ll have the Micro-Hebocon first public playtest.


More nonsense:

  1. Participants must be 16+
    This is part of my “STEM for adults” series. Children can advise their parent or caregiver, but anything with a glue gun or messing with the tiny (super fragile) wind-up engines … that’s off limits.  It also helps enforce the message that PS1 is not a family makerspace (Hack Studio is)
  2. Every 15 minutes, 2 players (lottery if necessary) will each get a wind-up motor and key. You may also get one that’s enclosed with a 3D printed chassis and a few gears. (below)
  3. Then the 2 opponents take turns picking pieces from the micro-junkyard (see 5)
  4. The STL files are here, so you can print, carve, cut or mod in advance.
  5. There will be a miniature junkyard
  6. The mini-junkyard also has older designs which the participants can use, hack and compete with
  7. You have 15 minutes
  8. The sumo ring is on a warped piece of wood.
  9. The ring will change, as will the rules, as the playtesting session goes on









Questions: Wait, I hate you and your contest. I want to buy those gears and do a better version. One where my kid can participate, you jerk.

Answer: Great. The link is here.

They are the only place on the planet that sells these, as far as I can tell.


Micro-Hebocon: Playtest at Mini-Maker Fair 5/6/2017