The maker version of the Micro-hebocon 4-second robot battle (see original Micro-Hebocon page for more info) begins with each person receiving a metal windup motor and key in advance of the competition.

Downloadable STL files of both a generic chassis that’s pre-measured to “snap into” the motor is available. In addition, downloadable sample battlebot STL files can be 3D printed out as is. However, the path to Micro-hebocon battle bot victory is through 3D software modding and improving upon the design. True to the spirit of hebocon, the pre-made design is slightly crappy.

Competitors show up to the competition with their windup motor battle bots. The original robots spun down in 4-seconds, but better gear design can create an 8-second fighter.

The ring is extremely small and on a warped wood board. The rules of the standard hebocon battle can be adapted to the miniature robots.

Micro-Hebocon Competition: Advanced Maker Version