in 2014, when I learned of the term “Instructional Design,” I realized there was a name for the work I had been doing in an afterschool technology program for kids on the autism spectrum.  We found ourselves in uncharted waters.  The challenges were deeper than learning materials and badges – we had to redesign the program every twelve weeks. (I have an entire blog devoted to that experience here).

I’ve branched out into curriculum for elementary school  kids related to technology and gender, and videogame design and development for neurotypical middle school youth .

Since 2015, I’ve become an instructional designer for continuing medical education.  I continue to create projects related to art, videogames and technology, along with lesson plans and ideas that can be used without permission or payment.









We tested the first unit of a 2-year videogame design program. Next is the addition of Doll STEM,  Quantum: The Puppet Show, and Barbie Shoe Design Challenge are the newest additions to the curricula. My teaching blog also describes and links to lesson plans and video tutorials for Minecraft, Scratch, Unity 3D, Tinkercad, Inkscape and Filmmaking

New in 2016- collapsible dollhouses, Spy School for Girls
New in 2017, Micro-hebocon, flea circus machines, 3D printed automata