FRAGILE (pronounced Frah-Gee-lay) is ready for battle at mHub for their Hebocon (crappy robot) battle today! This wind-up robot, with its 4-seconds of forward movement and powerful battering-ram scooper, is part of the Micro-hebocon Passive Agressive Robot series*; fighting machines that strive to be strategically pushed to the side and let powerful competitors storm out of the ring, and thus lose the match.

In a supreme act of crappiness, since I have family in town and can only attend for 2 hours, I will be seeing if I can give the robot away to someone in the crowd who can compete for me.  I do not need the robot back since the cost per robot is only $3 (a wind- motor and 3D printer filament).



*a hybrid with the Fragile Paper Robot series, which is expert at adhering to the ground after moving just far enough to be legal. See also Collapsing Robot series.

Design support for original prototype by CF Devices.



FRAGILE at mHub Hebocon 6-17