Workstation – Support Tools

workstationEach labeled item is critical to this highly structured environment — even the cat toy.

Every workstation is labeled because the students have assigned seats. This is key because their files stay on the same “my documents” folder, and the workstation number corresponds with the login for some sites. For example, everyone at this workstation shares the same Scratch login. This keeps the total number of logins manageable for staff, and keeps the machine logged in.

Email and login – for login on external sites and communication.

Headphones – without headphones, the noise of the online tutorials would be prohibitive.

Headphone splitter – aka “the Sarah method” – this allows a 1:1 helper to watch the video with the student, and work them through the lessons until they can do them on their own.

The cat toy – we needed a way for students to signal their teacher’s attention without yelling out their name every few seconds. So if your cat toy is vertical, in the vase, it means you need help. Why a cat toy? I needed a stick and it had to come from the dollar store.