The Unity 3D Unit for Middle School – Unit Z

Unit Z – the name of the two-year game design program for young and new learners, had a successful 7-lesson Unity 3D pilot.

The breakthrough was a Montessori-style approach to Unity 3D, which encouraged play and exploration of Unity as a software engine and really understanding what a game engine does. We created rudimentary projects we could experience on the rift.

Tasks included:

Looking at 3D navigation and ” UI universals” through Tinkercad.
Object creation
Application of physics principles
Application of import packages
Exploration of off-the-shelf functionality
Exploration of how code is attached to individual assets

This may sound overly simplistic, but to start with comfort with the Unity 3D software system is the road to keeping it from being overwhelming. The path was then clear to start coding.

We did a 3D paper prototype exercise using a cardboard box, and had a successful run with the Blank Dice Activity