The Binder: Bringing it all Together

When you have as many systems in play as we do, you need a system for making your systems work efficiently. The blue binder (see also Badge Sheets and Coins ) holds the following:


The assigned seating chart

A badge sheet for each student

cheat sheets

logins and passwords – by group and seat AND alphabetical


So in my binder, I have a tab for each group of 7 students (elementary, middle school, highschool), then each student based on assigned seat. The reason this is so fistidious is that one of the complexities of self-paced, multi-level curriculum, is that you have to keep track of where each student left off ; as when they come back to the lab the next week, they don’t know where to begin. 

One of the things I’ve been working on is making lesson planning less labor intensive. Now that they each have a website that portals through their current Scratch project, this is quite a bit easier. But still, I review each of the 20 student’s progress the day of the class and when they visit the Weebly website (pictured, with names blurred) that has weebly assignment sheet