Switching between Windows

At this point, I think it’s easier to teach the kids calculus than switching between windows. People with autism and Asperger’s struggle with transitions — and this extends even to transitioning between desktop software and a browser. Logging in is a transition. Going back and forth from the video tutorial to your project is a transition. (Despite my protests, most students watch the video tutorial all the way through before attempting it).

There’s no simple answer to this, except keep your transitions to a minimum. I let the kids focus on a particular lesson within a software package most of the time. Sometimes I’ll build in one transition (like at the end of your project, embed it into your Weebly site). Ultimately, we slowed down on some of the Windows/Google skills, like email, file management, Google docs, etc. And when we teach them, we recognize that they are harder, in their own way, than writing code.