Minecraft Middle School Curriculum I: Treasure Hunts (no modding or programming)


Book-of-Trust--Minecraft-treasure-hunt-smallIn our afterschool program, there was a demand for Minecraft, and socially, a lot of magic happens when you do a club because the kids help each other, and show off their creations. We’re not ready to get serious about Java modding and command blocks – but having an unstructured lab was not an option. We needed a non-coding group project, and I wanted to work in Tinkercad, which we’ve been working on for a long time.

The Book of Trust is named this because everything you create in Minecraft is breakable. Any student can throw in TNT and blow up a structure, so we wanted to reward non-destructive students by creating a book that only trusted students could have access to.  Thus The Book of Trust: Minecraft Coordinates for Those Worthy of the Discovery has a page for each student.

The student’ page has their name, the far-away coordinates of the “turf” they’ve created,  the name of the place, and what visitors are expected to do. When a student has explored the location, they can make a sign and place it near by.

By the end of the project, students and parents can teleport from location to location, as per each page of the book.











book of trust page