How to organize video tutorials

Why does YouTube always end up as a random slushpile of videos? I don’t know, but I finally threw together this page in Dreamweaver of the “space invaders” 7 part tutorial. It was a way to add notes and additional instructions and have it all on one link.

Students know which video to do because we have a weebly site that streams a google spreadsheet doc which contains their name, and what video tutorial they’re on. It also has personalized notes. See more here.


We even have a process for how the student should watch and follow tutorials

Keep in mind that young students are still fairly new to the Windows operating system. They often don’t know how to drag and re-size windows. So even the idea of showing two screens at once is a lesson. Another skill is the idea of watching the video for a while, pausing it, actually doing that part of the lesson, watching more of the video, and doing more of the lesson. That’s a skill that’s taken a long time to teach, and a lot of repetition.

I know there is alt + tab for switching between window, but it’s hard to teach keyboard shortcuts (or anything offscreen) so for now I want them to size their windows and go back and forth.

Troubleshooting Tip: YouTube videos typically come in two sizes: small and full screen. If you try to minimize the full screen and have a medium sized screen… it won’t work. Here is the trick:

Note this link

is the same video as this


if you chop out the “watch?” part of the URL, it goes right to full screen. Then it that type of full screen view, you can resize the window.