Summer Camp


Have Dreams Film and Multimedia Campinformation here- July 28- Aug 8 2014 (students may attend 1 or 2 weeks)

Advanced video game pilot camp – I like the word pilot as it means both “pilot program” and conjures our small group flying into the unknown. This camp will contain only 6 middle school students in a blended class (some HFA, some neurotypical or quirky).  More detailed information is here. We have settled on a date – the week of July 21, 2014.  It may be held at Have Dreams (note, we are renting space at Have Dreams, but it’s not an official Have Dreams program).  If interested, please contact kathryn (at)

Previous years – 2012- 2103

Along with our weekly after-school program, we have a special two week session during the summer which is our game design and computer camp. We focus on what is called “the paper prototype”.

Someday soon, game design (which is currently analog), video game design and the computer lab, will all start to meld together, but they are currently separate.

The appeal of paper prototyping is that the students can unleash their ambitions and create incredibly complex games, even though they have rudimentary programming skills. It’s important to get excited about big ideas – they can always be simplified and put into a simple video game.

Here is the some of the content:

Template for a game and blank dice exercise #1.

Greatest Game Board Instructions – ever